Picture Block On-Set is about maintaing the Director of Photography's creative decisions through the entire workflow, while partnering with Producers to implement the best technical solutions for the available budget and timeframe.  Our goal is always to save time and money while never compromising the viewing experience.

Picture Block partners with Digital Imaging Technicians (DITs) who are union members of the IATSE International Cinematography Guild (ICG, Local 600)  to perform on-set digital services for the motion picture industry. Producers and Production managers can utilize Picture Block's On-Set Services to provide cinematographer-approved deliverables faster then brick-and-mortar post-production facilities.





On-Set Services

Data Management

Picture Block provides custom carts for Data Management on any type of camera system.  From GoPros to Red Dragon 6K footage, our "Digital Lab" can handle any and all cameras. All of our systems come standard with a calibrated broadcast monitor for visual quality control in 1080p High Definition.

Dailies Creation / Transcodes

We can transcode your footage and change your camera's digital negative in to another digital format. For example, we can make editorial files for either Avid or Final Cut; we can even create iPad versions for your flight home! Our systems can produce these files on-set so that they are ready just moments after wrap.

Live Color

Get the power of color-correction on a live video feed. For example, record digitally in color, but show the client a stylized black and white image on the monitor. These color settings are able to be passed to a post-production facility to guarantee color consistency throughout post-production.