"I have an upcoming seminar, expo, or speaking gig and I need video production services for the event."

We offer three Live packages

Speaking Event Package

This package is useful for small gatherings or speaking events. This is the right choice for videos intended for internal use.

Seminar Package

The seminar package is ideal for small seminars or medium-sized events. This is a common solution for videos that are intended for customers, marketing or publicity.


Event Package

The event package is intended for an expo, a concert, or large-scale conference. If you are creating content for distribution, then this is the right answer. 

How it Works

First, send us an email and give us the date and location of your event. Tell us which package sounds like a good match for you. Also, if you have an idea in mind, tell us what purpose you would like the end product to serve.  We will respond with our recommended solution and a few pricing options based on your needs and the scope of the event.  Once we are all set, we'll coordinate with the AV department at your event venue so there are no surprises on day of the shoot.  

We also offer additional services.